We empower bloggers and (aspiring) entrepreneurs to solve both functional and technical issues with clear concise self-help guides.

We guide you on how to self-host a WordPress blog with practical and constructive steps.

While we focus on WordPress for obvious reasons, we are not opinionated about it – we will even show you other solutions so that you can make your own decision.

Being in the shoe of a blogger or a digital entrepreneur, you will in one way or the other need to have a blog for various reasons.

And with that come a lot of responsibilities – both at functional and technical levels, whilst in parallel having to frequently deal with maintaining it – by “it”, I mean all these things.

To strive, you will need to get yourself familiar with a lot of context.

To succeed, you will also need to get out of your comfort zone to learn doing things for example:

  • how to create a custom email for your business
  • how to managing your domain names using cloudflare
  • how to configure WordPress with cloudflare
  • how to install and configure WordPress plugins
  • how to achieve a specific goal by leveraging the power of other WordPress plugins that you might not know
  • how to programmatically do simple things like disabling WordPress emojis (with or without using a plugin)
  • which WordPress themes to install – there are tons of them
  • why to leverage a child-theme approach when using WordPress themes

Or you might also want to transform your WordPress site into doing additional stuffs, for instance:

  • how about creating a short link management platform for your own custom links?
  • how about creating a simple API platform from your WordPress?
  • how about creating a newsletter service for sending regular emails to your subscribers?

On the other hand, there is also the solution of leveraging certain technical aspects to third-party services, tools or products to smoothen your burden. This leverage will allow you to focus on your content and marketing efforts.

But these cost money. And if you don’t know the good ones, you might lose money in the process.

We show you which of those services or products are worth your time and money – by actually using them ourselves so that you don’t have to go through all that lengthy journey to know which one you should have chosen.

Welcome onboard this journey! You’ll feel glad you came!